The Treaty Of Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi in uber size at the Beehive in Wellington. It was a very cool thing to see up close but most of us really don’t know about the events before this historical document came into being. Figured I would start from the beginning:

* 1000 – 1200 AD: Kupe, a great Polynesian navigator discovers New Zealand after searching for his missing grandson who was out fishing. The evidence of their arrival is around the proof of the arrival of rats – on both islands!

* 1400 AD: People known as “Maori” begins.

* 1513 AD: The first European sees the Pacifc Ocean from the isthumuss of Panama. His name is Balboa.

* 1519 AD: Ferdinand Magellan names the Pacific Ocean. He is killed in the Philippines during his adventures.

* 1642 AD: Abel Janszoon Tasman discovers the west coast of New Zealand but never sets foot on land. The first drawings of Maori are done.

* 1768 AD: Lieutenant James Cook sets out in the ‘Endeavour’ to visit the recently discovered Tahiti. He sails around New Zealand, drawing a map as he goes.

* 1773 AD: Cook is back in the ship’ Resolution’, landing goats on shore for food. Pigs [Captain Cooker] are released at Charlotte Sounds and Cape Kidnappers.

*1779 AD: Captain Cook is killed in Hawaii.

*1790 AD: Influenzia kills about three fifths of the Maori on the southern North Island.

*1792 AD: The first sealers arrive at Dusky Sound. By 1800, sealing, whaling and tree milling are in full swing.

*1805 AD: First delivery of New Zealand whale oil arrives in Australia.

*1814 AD: Samuel Marsden arrives at the Bay of Islands with other missionaries. The first Christian service to the Maori is conducted on Christmas Day. Horses, cattle, poultry are released. Orange, peach, apple, pear trees are planted.

*1820 AD: Hongi Hika and Waikato travel to England to meet the King and help linguist, Samuel Lee, to make Maori into a written language. Hongi goes on to trade the gifts given to him from the King for muskets.

*1821 AD: Hongi Hika starts The Musket Wars.

*1826 AD: First colonists of The New Zealand Company arrive at Stewart Island. It is soon deserted as they move on to Otago, Wellington and the Bay of Islands.

*1833 AD: James Busby arrives at the Bay of Islands to help Maori set up an orderly government.

*1835 AD: 35 Maori chiefs sign the Declaration of Independence, establishing the Confederation of Chiefs and Tribes of New Zealand. It would be replaced with The Treaty of Waitangi.

*1837 AD: The New Zealand Association becomes the New Zealand Company – with Edward Gibbon Wakefield in the lead.

* 1840 AD: The ‘Aurora’ arrives in Wellington on the 22nd January. Future Cantabs William Deans, the Prebbles, Gebbies, and Mansons families are aboard. As this is the first European ship, this date is celebrated as Wellington Day.

*1840 AD: New Zealand is declared to be a part of the Colony of New South Wales.

*1840 AD: Lieutenant-Governor Hobson signs the Treaty of Waitangi on behalf of the Queen of England. 50 Maori chiefs also sign. The Treaty would travel around the country over the next few months collecting more signatures. Auckland is made the capital.

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