About Peeling Back History

There is no better time to get to know the heritage and fast disappearing tales of Christchurch and Canterbury.

For me, a love for the story of the Deans and the beginnings of our city took me on a journey I had no idea was coming.

Christchurch played host to many interesting characters that laid down our very foundations and the traces left behind of them are disappearing from knowledge with every new generation.

Many of us pass by history every day and are none the wiser.  So sad, as these brave settlers risked all they had to make a successful city and how little we know about them.

Who were our surveyors? Who built our first bridges?  Who named our suburbs and townships?  What were some of the original names for places that we enjoy every day as Christchurch citizens?

In a colourful, rich, historic, piece by piece account, I put together the puzzle of our past – discover the delights of peeling back history.

Annette Bulovic


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