The Edmonds Band Rotunda Opened – 11th December 1929

On 11 December 1929, the Edmonds Band Rotunda was opened. The Rotunda had been one of a few constructions paid for by the Edmonds family in celebration of their 50th year of living in Christchurch, a city they cared about very much.

Sadly, the rotunda was lost to Canterbury quakes of 2011/2012. The dome and other items were saved before the final demolition.

Thomas John Edmonds – a confectioner by trade – arrived in Christchurch in 1879 with his new bride Jane. He had great dream of developing his own baking powder and was so sure of his product, that he gave away samples, telling his customers to pay him later if they liked his product.

Today, the name of Edmonds is still associated with good old Kiwi home baking!

For a more in depth look at Thomas John Edmonds, please check out the following link:

*image courtesy of The Canterbury Public Library – File Reference CCL PhotoCD 16, IMG0073

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