The Christchurch Beautifying Association Formed – 1897

In 1897, a meeting between concerned Christchurch citizens became the beginning of the Christchurch Beautifying Association. The main topics discussed were about scruffy wastelands, unofficial dumping areas and general eyesores of the city.

Forming a quick union with the C.C.C, the association began to change the views within Christchurch, adding artistic, cultivated and scenic improvements in the form of plantings (trees on Moorhouse and Linwood Avenues and the daffodils of North Hagley Park), landscaping (Victoria Square) and gifts such as the Victoria Square Floral Clock and the Peacock Fountain in the Botanical Gardens, just to name a few.

Still very much a part of city life, the association promises to keep an eye on the ever growing Christchurch and tirelessly continues to promote and retain the proud title of being New Zealand’s garden city.

* Image courtesy of Greg O’Beirne*

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