Sir Arthur Dudley Dobson – Wild, Craggy, and Desolate

“It would be difficult to imagine a greater contrast than that which exists between the level grass levels plains in the east of the Canterbury Province, and the rugged forest-covered country of the west.  Tasman, in 1642, described the west coast of New Zealand as a ‘great land uplifted high,’ reminding him of the ‘Island of Fermosa and its piles of mountains.’  Captain Cook, in 1778, described it as ‘An uninhabitable shore of rocks covered with snow, and as far as the eye could reach, the prospect was wild, craggy, and desolate.’  Had it not been for its mineral wealth it would probably have been at the present time in the same state as when these navigators saw it”.

Sir Arthur Dudley Dobson ~ 1929
*Child passenger from the ‘Cressy*
*First European to cross Arthur’s Pass  1864*
*Assistant Provincial Engineer for Nelson  1866 – 1869*
*District Engineer for Westport  1869 – 1871*
*Chief Surveyor for Nelson 1871 – 1875*
*Christchurch City Engineer 1901 – 1921*
*Knighted – 1931*

*image of Arthur Dudley Dobson courtesy of*

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