Ridley Square

As early as 1850, there were 3 squares in the first map of Christchurch. To be named after three 16th century martyred Bishops: Latimer and Cramner Squares started to take their shape…so did Ridley Square which was destined to become known as Cathedral Square. All three were to have churches built on them. Latimer Square in particular became known as a sports field. It also once sported a band rotunda in 1885.

If you are scratching your head over Godley’s position – he was moved beside the Cathedral to make way for tram sheds in 1918. Once they were demolished during the 1930’s, Godley was returned to his original and present site. This site beside the Cathedral is now the home to the War Memorial…note the now gone ‘Press’ building in the background

*photo courtesy of Christchurch City Libraries File Reference CCL PhotoCD 8, IMG0022*

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