New Regent Street Opened – 1st April 1932

On 1 April 1932, the Honourable Mayor D.G. Sullivan opened a new 40 shop complex named New Regent Street.

At that time, Christchurch, like the rest of the world, was in the grip of The Great Depression. Regent Street Limited were forced to offer their retail space rent free – at first – to get already struggling retailers interested.

The little street fought on and eventually won the title of being ‘Christchurch’s Most Beautiful Street’! It was also Christchurch’s 1st Mall and the birthplace of today’s modern malls!

After World War II, New Regent Street became a public road; it took until the 1990’s for it to close – becoming a pedestrian walk-through.

For a more in depth look at New Regent Street, please check out the following link:

*Photo courtesy of Roger Wong

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