Friendship Corner Is Opened Beside The Bridge of Remembrance – 29th September 1979

On 29 September 1979, Friendship Corner opened beside the Bridge of Remembrance.

Towards the end of the 1970′s, the waste land that sat south of the Bridge of Remembrance, at the junction of Oxford, Cambridge Terraces and Lichfield Street was a hot topic at the Christchurch City Council. Something needed to be done with it.

The C.C.C chose to plant trees in an acknowledgment of Christchurch’s sister cities.

Christchurch’s sister cities are the following:
* Adelaide – Australia
* Christchurch – England
* Gansu – China
* Wuhan – China
* Seattle – United States of Amercia
* Songpa-Gue – Korea.

*image courtesy of Annette Bulovic*

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