Fitzgerald Statue Unofficially Unveiled – 1939

In 1939, the statue of James Edward Fitzgerald – Canterbury’s first Superintendent – is unofficially unveiled in a student prank.

The statue was a gift to the city from Richard Edward Green but disagreements between the C.C.C and the Christchurch Beautifying Assoc had caused the statue to sit in storage.

The Christchurch Domains Board – based on the old provincial government – took over and placed James on Rolleston Ave, by the Botanical Gardens without ceremony in 1938.
The following year, some mischievous students saved the city from organising anything…shame really.

Other gifts to the city given by Richard Edward Green are the New Brighton and Sumner Clock Towers.

The Christchurch Domains Board was eventually taken over by the C.C.C.

For a more in depth look at James Edward Fitzgerald, please check out the following link:

* Image courtesy of Annette Bulovic*

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