First Meeting Of The Canterbury Medical Society Held – 1865

In 1865, the first meeting of The Canterbury Medical Society was held at The Pegasus Arms which was a well established doctor’s surgery at the time.

The early life of what would become The Pegasus Arms began on 1 August 1851 when cousins Henry Le Cren and John Longden purchased section 1049 and opened a merchant store. Accepting a business offer from George Rhodes (owner of ‘The Levels’ in Timaru), the cousins sold their section to W.T Harvey, including the cottage for £115 in 1852. W.T Harvey wasn’t to hold on the place for long either – he sold out to Dr. Thomas Fisher.

The property is sold quite a few times (passing from one doctor to another) over the next 100 years when in 1952, it became The Pegasus Press. In 1990, the whole building went under a huge change – in spite of the outcry. It is now known as The Pegasus Arms – a popular restaurant and bar. A survivor of the 2010/2011 earthquakes, the place holds the honour of being the oldest city building.

For a more in depth look at The Pegasus Arms, please check out the following link:

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