Christchurch’s First Commercial Precinct Established – August 1864

The term ‘Triangle Corner’ first appeared in The Lyttelton Times in August 1864. There appeared to be no recorded history of how the name came in to being but it is quite obvious how this junction of Colombo, Cashel and High Streets became known as such. These three roads made a triangle.

When the Triangle Corner appeared in the newspapers of the past, it was always noted how busy this wee junction was. It was easily Christchurch’s first commercial precinct with it housing the first chemist, hotel, restaurant, post office and fire station. Also in 1851, High Street was the first of the surveyed roads where ground was broken and sod turned (area in the photo).

Considered an historical site by many of our first settlers, many said that the Triangle Corner was their spot of arrival in the city of Christchurch. Other names have been used over the years such as ‘Cab Stand Corner’ and ‘Bottleneck Junction’ but in 2008, the biggest change for the area loomed. Taking in account the history of this area, it was thought to rename it ‘Pilgrim’s Plaza’. Either this never caught on or the quakes have put the brakes on this new project.

*Photo courtesy of Annette Bulovic*

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