Bob Deans Scored The Try That Never Was…Apparently – 16th December 1905

On 16 December 1905, while on the first All Black’s international overseas rugby tour, Christchurch born player, Bob Deans scores the only try of the game against Wales. Unfortunately for the All Blacks, by the time the referee made it down to the goal line, the Welsh had pulled Deans back over the line. The All Blacks were denied the try and as a result, it was the only game the All Blacks lost all tour.

This game continues to be argued about in the rugby world even today.

Bob Deans’ great nephews – Robbie and Bruce Deans – are also members of the family that have worn the black jersey. In fact, in a game played in Christchurch early in Robbie’s All Black career, he scores a try against the Welsh and to many fans, he finally gets pay back for Bob’s try that never was.

For a more in depth look at Bob Deans, please check out the following link:

*image courtesy of Homebush – Canterbury

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