Addington Raceway Opened – 1899

In 1899, the land (once potato fields) that Addington Raceway would call home was secured by lease from the city’s Sunnyside Hospital. The man behind the deal was Christchurch’s 15th Mayor, the Honourable Charles Louisson.

Working on the behalf of The Metropolitan Trotting Club – who had been using Lancaster Park – they were finally able to build a track of their own.

The land had originally been owned by John Twigger who donated some of his land for the building of the Sunnyside Hospital in 1863. He then sold more of his land to the A & P Association in 1885 when they were searching for a larger show ground.

The Twiggers are remembered today in the naming of Twigger Street (which leads into the Addington Showground car park from Lincoln Road), the Twigger Stand and the Twigger’s Cabaret Restaurant.

For a more in depth look at the Addington Raceway, check out the following link:

*image courtesy of The Alexander Turnbull Library – Green & Hahn (Firm). Harold Logan and his owner, Miss E Hinds, at Addington Raceway – Photograph taken by Green & Hahn. Making New Zealand :Negatives and prints from the Making New Zealand Centennial collection. Ref: PAColl-3060-069. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

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