ADDINGTON AND SUMNER – Dr. John Bird Sumner (1780 – 1863)

Addington in South London was an 18th century mansion that housed 7 Archbishops including Dr. John Bird Sumner.Born in Henilworth, he was educated at Eton College and King’s College. Ordained in 1802, he was consecrated as Bishop of Chester in 1828.
In 1848, Sumner became the president of the Canterbury Association and the Archbishop of Canterbury. The suburbs of Addington were named after his home in London and Sumner was named in his honour.He wasn’t a dull character; he was notable writer, had a claim of heresy put against him by other Bishops, supported divorce but didn’t back the ‘deceased wife’s sister bill’ in parliament!!!
Dr. Sumner died at Addington, London in 1863.

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