William Deans – Is To Be Called The Avon, At Our Request…

“Captain Thomas [Canterbury Association’s Chief Surveyor] has fixed on this place as the site of the Canterbury settlement.  He goes to Port Nicholson [Wellington] in a few days to forward his report to the Association and make arrangements for proceeding with the survey.  The river up which we now bring our supplies is to be called the Avon, at our request, and our place Riccarton, which will at least remind us of these two places at home [Scotland].  Captain Thomas is going to build the survey barracks within a mile of our house, and probably will lay out a site for a town and erect a church and schoolhouse at the same place”.

William Deans ~ 20th January 1849
*Considered the first European to live on the plains*
*Founder of Riccarton Farm – now the suburb*
*Christchurch’s first Justice of the Peace*

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