‘What A Strange Person’ – Captain Joseph Thomas

“You know what a strange person [Captain Joseph]Thomas is; and though [John Cowell] Boys and I received a handsome testimonial from him on the occasion of our discharge he has followed up the injury of disappointing us by constant snubbing and insulting conduct.
However, we have restrained ourselves, taken everything quite coolly, and been careful to give him no cause for offence.  I should indeed be nervous about getting further employment under him only that I see my appointment is confirmed at home [England], and it appears that with Mr [John Robert] Godley rest the discharge and appointment of the [Canterbury] Association’s servants”.

Written by Charles Orbin Torlesse (Canterbury Association surveyor) about Captain Joseph Thomas, his boss (Canterbury Association Chief Surveyor) – 20th September 1850

*text from ‘The Torlesse Papers 1848-51’ by Charles Orbin Torlesse

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