To Be In Fact The Governor – Henry Sewell

“Altogether he [Captain Charles Simeon – remembered in the naming of Simeon Street] is not merely the fittest, but the only fit man.  To [James Edward] Fitzgerald the objections are manifold; though very clever he is wild and harum scarum.  A Superintendent, the chief executive person in the Colony should be especially slow and steady.  You want a sensible not a clever man.  [Henry]Tancred (pictured) I do not know, but he is spoken of slightingly.  Fitzgerald’s position disqualifies him; he cannot give up his Sheep-farming [at The Springs – now the township of Lincoln].  But the Superintendent should live at Port, to receive strangers, to keep up society and to be in fact the Governor.  Simeon is the only man of fitting position”.

Written by Henry Sewell (Deputy Director of Canterbury Association) about the approaching first election of Canterbury Superintendent ~ 19th February 1853.

James Edward Fitzgerald won the election and was Canterbury’s Superintendent from 1853 till 1857.

*text taken from The Journal Of Henry Sewell 1853 – 57*

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