The (London) Times – a press, an editor, a reporter and a determined resolution

“At the head of the Pilgrims stood an actual bishop [Selwyn], behind him were working clergy, working schoolmasters, working landlords, working labourers, workers every one.  Between deck and keel were the elements of a college, the contents of a public library, the machinery for a bank, the constituent parts of a constitutional government.  It is superfluous to add that the enterprising voyagers took on board with them type, a press, an editor, a reporter, pens, ink and paper, and a determined resolution to start a journal for the enlightened public of New Zealand, at the earliest opportunity”.

The Times ~ 5th July 1851

CLERGY: The Rev. George Kingdon (aged 36) – first Rev. of St Michael and All Angels
DOCTOR: Dr. A.C. Barker (aged 31) – Surgeon Superintendant – pioneer photographer
TEACHERS: Mr. Pursglove
William Newnham (aged 36)
PRINTERS: John Ingram Shrimpton (aged 17) – worked on the Lyttelton Times
John Varyer (aged 39)
Henry Winchester (aged 19)

CLERGY: The Rev. William W. Willock
The Rev. Edward Puckle – would hold his services at the Deans’ Cottage, Riccarton.
DOCTOR: James W, Earle – Surgeon Superintendant
TEACHERS: Miss Ranon
Miss W. R. Taylor

CLERGY: The Rev. Henry Jacobs – held the first Anglican service in Christchurch. 1st Dean of Christchurch.
DOCTOR: Frederick Wilkinson – Surgeon Superintendent
TEACHERS: Mr. John Bilton – worked at St Michael and All Angels and Christ’s College

CLERGY: The Rev. Benjamin Wooley Dudley (aged 44)
DOCTOR: Dr. Daniel Watkins – Surgeon Superintendent
TEACHERS: Mr. Edward Toomath

*please note that this is just a rough list, not all are accounted for*

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