The BNZ Bank – Cathedral Square

For roughly 150 years now, the BNZ (Bank of New Zealand) bank has sat on the corners of Colombo and Hereford Streets and Cathedral Square.

The BNZ bank was born during the Otago Goldrush of the 1860’s. The first branch opened in Auckland in 1861. Christchurch got its first branch in September 1866, and up to February 2011, it had remained in its place in Cathedral Square.

When Chris and I were in Cathedral Square during the public walk-thru (2012), there were workmen all over the current BNZ building and seemed to be removing the windows…this was the beginning of the end, BNZ will no longer be part of Cathedral Square.

Of course, the BNZ building we know today was built in the last 30 years or so, I actually remember the BNZ building pictured here as a child and I also remember it disappearing. I guess the building was too small to keep up with modern business standards…shame really. Would it have survived the earthquakes anyhow?

*image courtesy of *  File Reference CCL PhotoCD 6, IMG0071

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