Second To None – William Rolleston

“He was second to none of New Zealand’s public men in learning, knowledge of literature, and administrative capacity…he showed the same soundness of judgement as in every office which he filled in the [Canterbury] Provincial Council, in the General Assembly, and in the Senate of the University, apparently without effort and with no superficial display.  Serving under him was my first introduction to public life”.

Written by William Rolleston (our 4th Superintendent) about Henry John Tancred. For 10 years, Henry was a councillor in the Provincial Council. He was present during the biggest changes and arguments that faced Canterbury. His soft nature and his trouble with clear speech proved to empower him more as an administrator. His main interest proved to be education and, alongside William Rolleston, the pair formed the guidelines for education in New Zealand. Both teachers, Henry took an active role at Christ’s College, teaching Modern History. He was also a big part of the opening of Otago and Canterbury Universities. Some of the guidelines placed by Rolleston and Tancred were still being used until the 1940′s.

Henry John Tancred is remembered today in the naming of Tancred Street in Linwood.

Curious about Henry John Tancred, please check out the following link:

*text taken from William Rolleston by William Downie Stewart*
*image courtesy of the Alexander Turnbull Library – Davis, William Henry Whitmore, 1812-1901. Davis, William Henry Whitmore fl 1860-1880 :Portrait of Henry Tancred MHR. Ref: PA2-0601. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.*

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