Out On The Burst With My Pannikin

I have found some older terms that I reckon should make a come back into today’s language.

Thought this image made a great companion to this – a surveyor with all his toys out. Many surveyors would not only have a dog for company but also for protection against wild pigs.

The following terms that get my vote for a comeback:

– bank and bank – a flooded river
– beachite – a person who scratches a living on a beach
– bog-trotting – working in a marsh
– burgoo – porridge
– cutting rock – cutting back a rock face by pick
– double elephant – a paper size
– new chum – a recent arrival from Britain
– nobbler – an ounce of fluid – usually a drink
– old man nor’wester – nor west wind
– on a burst – out drinking
– on thirds – an agreement between numerous parties within a cattle or sheep run
– pannikin – a tin drinking mug
– shagroon – an australian squatter
– shake-down – a bed for a unexpected guest
– shooting – recording down sky/star sites for directions
– tinder-box – lighter
– t’othersider – an australian
– turnout – a horse all ready prepared for work
– wire in – help yourself
– found the colour – found gold
– a cockatoo nest – the name given for a smaller farm whose land had been purchased within a larger leased farm whose land has not been made freehold yet by the leaser.
– w
owsers – a self-appointed and active guardians of public morality.
– spatterdashers – gators – used to protect the top of the shoes and bottom of the trousers from mud, usually made of leather.

*image courtesy of http://natlib.govt.nz – F-81605-1/2-*

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