John Deans – The Best Settlement In New Zealand

“Port Cooper [Canterbury] is described by very person to be splendid place for a settlement and I have no doubt there will be one formed there in a few years by which time we will have a pretty extensive stock and be able to supply the settlers with butcher meat, working bullocks, vegetables and a great many things.  We will be the only settlers there except a few whalers who are stationed there.  It is a beautiful port and of easy access, and there is a large extent of good land around it, and I have not the least doubt but that it will be the best settlement in New Zealand”

John Deans ~ 16th January 1843
*John, along with his elder brother William settled in Putaringamotu (Riccarton) in April 1843.  Today, they are remembered in the naming of the suburb of Riccarton, Deans Cottage, Riccarton House, Riccarton Road, Deans Ave – among many other Christchurch streets names -, Avon River and Homebush out in Darfield, the latter still in the care of the family, 163 years later.*

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