Jane Deans – One Large Flax Swamp, So Soft And Boggy…

“The road round the  foot of the hills, and from Christchurch, was little better than a track with large holes here and large boulder stones there, in the middle of the road.  The Ferry Road was not much more than wide enough for one carriage at a time, with deep ditches on both sides.  From about the [Christchurch]Quay to Christchurch was one large flax swamp, so soft and boggy that it would not carry the weight of a sheep or a cow.  So many lagoons made it quite the home for water fowl.  Of course, on my way home [Riccarton] I was shown Christchurch, or where it was to be.  I think we passed about half a dozen houses and a few roads”.

Jane Deans – 16th December 1885- remembering her arrival into Christchurch and Riccarton on the 3rd February 1853 –

*Married to John Deans I*
*Driving force behind the building of Riccarton House*


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