Iron Plains

Like many other people I am guessing, I have always viewed the south entrance of the Northlands Mall with a bemused question. The mismatched ironwork art piece that adorns the entrance into the mall makes no sense, it didn’t go with the rest of the building.  What the…???

The other day, I found myself standing beside this art and noticed a plaque on it.  As an historian, there is no ignoring such a offering of information and I was delighted to read the following:

“Nor’westers, Sou’westers, sunburnt grass and corrugated iron.  This sculpture celebrates the changing mood of the Canterbury Plains”

Awesome!!! I suddenly felt very proud to be Cantab, we do live in the most amazing part of New Zealand.

Named the ‘Iron Plains’, it was put together by Jeff Thomson in 2004.

*photo taken by Annette Bulovic*

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