HILLSBOROUGH – Edward Garland (1824 – 1893)

Edward and Annie Garland arrived at Lyttelton in 1854. No one today could begin to relate to what was going through Annie’s mind as she was led over the Bridle Path on the back of a white bullock!

Edward got himself some land between the hills and the Heathcote River and built a little cob cottage. He farmed sheep and cattle, grew oats and clover and called his little part of paradise ‘Broomfield Farm’. The farm was first mentioned in print in 1869.

It became a common sight as you sailed down the Heathcote River, heading to Christchurch Quay to have Edward or Annie follow you along the river side, attempting to sell you milk or cheese.

Sadly in 1864, Edward and Annie suffered a double tragedy when they lost their eldest son Edward Brooke Garland – aged 8 years old – on New Year’s Day, followed by their 6 year old son – William Lawrence Garland – just 3 days later.

Edward went on to run the Rocky Point Quarry on Port Hills Road.

The Garland’s are referred to as Hillsborough’s first family and are remembered in the naming of Garlands Road, their old driveway that linked ‘Broomfield Farm’ to Opawa Road.

There is no detail of when ‘Broomfield Farm’ was renamed Hillsborough.

Edward, Annie, Edward Jnr. and William Garland are all buried in the same lot at Barbadoes Street Cemetery.

*Photo taken by Annette Bulovic*

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