High Street’s Clockmerle

Pictured here in 1904 is not only High Street’s taxi stand but also a clochmere, lantern in all!

If you are anything like me, you would have to google the word ‘clochmere’ but by the looks of the photo, you can see it’s a toilet! What a word tho!

This photo was taken at the intersections of High and Cashel Street in 1904, the eastern end of what was (and should be again) the Triangle Centre.  Cobb and Co Coaches used to leave from this point in the 1870’s and the White Hart Hotel, Christchurch’s first, also called this section of Cashel Street home.

Before the quakes, to have taken this photo, you would have been standing on the roof of Hallensteins, with the Westpac Building to your right.

*image courtesy of Auckland Institute and Museum – 1591*

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