…Heart and Courage… – John Robert Godley

“For the last five years, ever since the plan of founding a settlement of Church People in New Zealand was first suggested to me…the thought of it has hardly been for a moment out of my mind; I have become, for the time at least, a man of one idea, to which everything else, public and private, has been made subordinate.  Almost every intimate friend I have in the world has been induced by me to take part in this enterprise; whatever reputation I may enjoy, or look to enjoying, is bound up with its success; indeed I have often felt as though, if this colony had proved a failure, I could never again have had the heart and courage to engage in any public enterprise”.

John Robert Godley (Founder of Canterbury and co-founder of the Canterbury Association) ~ 1852

*image courtesy of http://overthenet.blogspot.co.nz*

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