Haulage Wagons

To me, the taming and breaking of the plains were done by those gentle giants, the Clydesdales.  They helped to take the European farmer further into the wild back country than ever before, pulling along behind them the heavy load of supplies that man needed to survive and make a start in life.   They also broke the ground with those huge ploughs that only they could pull.  In the late few decades of the 19th century, the Steam Traction Engine began to appear more and more on the mainland and eventually removed the Clydedale from all its main jobs.

One of things that were usually tied to these Steam Traction Engines were haulage wagons, carrying agricultural produce, supplies and even machinery and materials used for road and bridge making.  In the case of Arthur’s Pass, where this restored haulage wagon is on display (at the Bealey Hotel), these wagons were use to even bring in sections of Railway Tunnel.  That would have been a sight!

I just love the wooden wheels 😉

*Photo of Haulage Wagon taken by Chris Bulovic*
*Heritage image courtesy of http://www.powerhousemuseum.com*


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