“…Flashes of Beauty…” – Johannes C. Andersen

“Christchurch was a-shaping; improvements were taking place everywhere – yet how wild and uncared-for the streets and riverbanks appear to modern eyes!  Without doubt there were many waste places; but even then ‘there were gardens bright’ with Avon’s ‘sinuous rills…enfolding sunny spots of greenery.’  She showed flashes of beauty in her unkemptness , did Christchurch; she was then a hoyden town, soon to change her appearance and ravish the hearts of her lovers without disturbing their peace”.

Canterbury historian Johannes C. Andersen recalling his childhood memories ~ 1949

The attached photo shows a busy Colombo Street, looking south towards the Cashmere Hills from the Christchurch Cathedral in 1913.

*image courtesy of the Canterbury Public Library – http://christchurchcitylibraries.comFile Reference CCL Photo CD 5, IMG0063

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