Edward Gibbon Wakefield – Intending Colonists Of The Higher Class

“I find that my notion of a distinct  settlement in New Zealand, under the patronage of a powerful body in this country, desirous of spreading the Church of England, stands a good chance of being realized sooner than we expected.  The subject has been fully considered, and at length something like practical conclusions have been arrived at.  Mr [John Robert] Godley left me this morning for Ireland.  The plan of the colony…to be carried out, by a society [Canterbury Association] outside the Company, [New Zealand Company] consisting of bishops and clergymen, peers, members of parliament, and intending colonists of the higher class.  But now comes the all-important practical question.  By whose exertions in particular is the whole scheme to be realized?  I have succeed in persuading [John Robert] Godley to think of devoting himself to the work…he ought to become a Director of the Company”.

Edward Gibbon Wakefield ~ 30th November 1847
* Founder of the New Zealand Company and is known as ‘the father of New Zealand’
– he and his brothers (William, Daniel, Arthur and Felix) oversaw the beginnings of the settlements of New Plymouth, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch.
– his nephew Charles Orbin Torlesse was a New Zealand Company and Canterbury Association surveyor.
* Co-founder of the Canterbury Association with John Robert Godley – the founder of Canterbury.
* Member of Parliament  1853 – 1855

*image of Edward Gibbon Wakefield courtesy of http://www.britannica.com*

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