Dr. A.C. Barker – We Can Scarcely Imagine A More Picturesque Spot

“The entrance to Port Cooper [Lyttelton] is very grand.  As we sailed slowly up it, we saw high on the cliffs to our right, the workmen making a road [Sumner Road] to the plains, an undertaking, alas, far too great for our infant colony.  Just at the moment we passed a little headland, and there at the bottom of a shallow bay, lay snugly ensconced  the pretty town of Lyttelton.  We can scarcely imagine a more picturesque spot for a town.  Its beauty caused an involuntary shout of delights from all our passengers.  Erskine Bay [Lyttelton] is a shallow indentation on the north side of Port Cooper and on the hillside at the bottom of the bay the town is built; two streets running straight up the hill from the beach, which are crossed by others at right angles.  On the right, surrounded by palings, are a number of neat-looking buildings which are the emigration barracks, and close by is the Mr. Godley house”.

Dr. A.C. Barker ~ 1850
* Christchurch’s first doctor*
* Pioneer Photographer – sketched and photographed many of Canterbury’s earliest images*

His recollections of his arrival in Lyttelton aboard the ‘Charlotte Jane”

*image of Dr. A.C. Barker courtesy of http://cantage.wordpress.com*

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