Christchurch’s Protected Historic Trees

While pigging out on KFC one Friday evening with Chris, parked up on Picton Street in Riccarton, I noticed something pinned on these particularly large Cabbage Trees. This photo doesn’t do justice to the size.

I had commented to Chris on other occasions about the size, remarking that these Cabbage Trees must have been around for many years.

Knowing about the Canterbury Plains before the settlers arrived, the Cabbage Tree was a very common sight and was used as markers for those travelling across the sea of tussock.
Could have these trees survived from that era? Survived the making of the nearby street and house building?

Looking at these trees again, I noticed the tag, you can just see it under the dry, dead foliage.

These Cabbage Trees are protected, under the authority of the Riccarton Borough Council. The Riccarton Borough Council – that had been operating since 1913 – was taken over by the Christchurch City Council in 1989.

The Christchurch City Council has a list of protected trees that are either heritage or notable or serve a special purpose. Each of these protected trees are assessed individually, regardless of species.

So, next time you are out walking and you see a tree with a orange plastic tag – the C.C.C use orange – attached to its trunk, you will know that it is protected from being chopped down or even pruned!

*photo taken by Annette Bulovic*

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