• ‘Invisible Power’ – Mary Rolleston

    “I will not attempt to draw aside the veil which clothes, or half reveals, the invisible power which has had so large a share in government”. Spoken by William Rolleston, who was referring to his wife, Mary Rolleston – 2nd February 1900 William was Canterbury‚Äôs 4th and last Superintendent and is remembered today in the …

  • Best Superintendent Of His Time – William Sefton Moorhouse

    “…with all his failings, was perhaps the best superintendent of his time in New Zealand”. Written by James Edward Fitzgerald (Canterbury’s 1st Superintendent) about William Sefton Moorhouse (Canterbury’s 2nd Superintendent) – 1863 *text from ‘Blest Madman’ by Edmund Bohan *image courtesy of http://earlycanterbury.blogspot.co.nz* Illustrated London News, March 20, 1886; pg. 292; Issue 2448

  • Being Stupid – William Rolleston

    “We can excuse your being stupid but we cannot excuse your being dirty”. As told by one of his older sisters when a young boy – Year Unknown. William was Canterbury’s 4th and last Superintendent and is remembered today in the naming of the township of Rolleston. *text from ‘William and Mary Rolleston – an …

  • Purity, Piety, Philanthropy, Truth – John Robert Godley

    “Mr [John Robert] Godley whom I remember as a boy at school thoroughly respected by all his schoolfellows, seems early in life to have been taught by the Tractarian movement at Oxford that the religion of a community should be its most important consideration…his letters have recently been published…and no volume of correspondence ever fell …

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