Arthur Edgar Gravenor Rhodes (1859 -1922)

Arthur Edgar Gravenor Rhodes (1859 -1922)     Died of natural causes   Place of Death: Christchurch

* Was the first New Zealand born person to be elected into the House of Representatives.
* Father of Rose Mairehau Hutton who is now remembered in the naming of the suburb ‘Mairehau’.
* Chairman of the ‘New Zealand Shipping Co’ & ‘The Press’.
* Founded ‘Rhodes & Co’ Law Firm – 1884
* Built the beautiful ‘Te Koraha’ Homestead which is now the admin centre of Rangi Ruru Girls High School – 1886
* Member of Parliament 1887 – 1893
* Christchurch’s 24th Mayor – 1901
* Chairman of the Board of Govenors at the Canterbury College (Uni of Canterbury) 1902 -1904

For a closer look at the story of the Rhodes Family:

Arthur is buried at Bromley Cemetery, Christchurch.

*Photo courtesy of Annette Bulovic*

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