ARANUI – George Kyndon Burton (1859 – 1957)

Aranui means “Great Path” and first appeared as the name of the area’s new Post Office that opened in 1912. The man that came up with that name was George Kyndon Burton who by trade was a market gardener. His main claim to fame was working on the project to extend Pages Road to Bexley. He was also a member of the Heathcote County Council in 1910-11.

Before George, the area was known as Flemington – the name of the tram-stop that sat on the corner of Breezes and Pages Roads. Also on the corner of these two roads was the property that belonged to Jubal Flemming, a well known character to the locals. The only thing that seemed consistent with Jubal is the lack of dates so the following may have unknown errors.

Jubal was born in Portsmouth, England. He arrived in Thames, New Zealand and chased gold along with all the other hopefuls. There he married Bessie Lenton and they would go on to have 12 children.

Things would not always go smoothly for the Flemmings. It seemed when things were good, they were good and when things were bad, they were worse!!!

I’m sure one of the proudest moments (or maybe not) for the young Jubal was recieving his New Zealand Medal for his services during the Maori Wars. These numerous battles over land went from the year 1845 to 1872. In 1864, Jubal was caught pig stealing with a few others. All went to court – witnesses appearing on both side of the story. Found guilty, the men were sentenced to hard labour.

Jubal next appears in Christchurch in 1881. He buys the land on the corner of Breezes and Pages Roads. He opens a Tobacco Shop in Colombo Street. He was also known as a hair dresser.

In 1890, Jubal went bankrupt and moved his family to Australia but was soon back in Christchurch. Next he was in Palmerston North as a tobacconist. Next move was to Napier and he changes his career to catering. He dies of heart disease in 1903.


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