William Coles Webb (1834 – 1905)

William Coles Webb (1834 – 1905)    Died of old age     Place of Death: Christchurch * Built the The Bush Inn Tavern. Buried at the St Peter’s Anglican Cemetery, Church Corner, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch. The story of The Bush Inn: http://www.peelingbackhistory.co.nz/the-bush-inn-tavern/ Photo taken by Annette Bulovic

The Bush Inn Tavern

The racket and stink of hundreds of livestock rambling down Yaldhurst Road would make those who lived close by stay inside!  Cattle, sheep, and even pigs headed down to the Addington Stockyards on Deans Ave like this for decades – causing such a trying time for residents that the Riccarton Road Board was formed mainly …