Douglas Graham (1818 – 1872)

The news of finding coal at Homebush had been pretty exciting for the Deans and all concerned. James McIlraith – Jane Deans’ half brother and manager of Homebush – and Julius van Haast – the founder of the Canterbury Museum – had made the discovery in the late 1870’s. Just two years later, a coal …

James Archibald McIlraith (1834 – 1903)

James Archibald McIlraith (1834 – 1903)     Died of old age      Place of Death: Rakaia Janes Deans’ half brother, manager of Homebush, behind the naming of Glentunnel Buried in Addington Cemetery, Christchurch The story of the James McIlraith: Photo taken by Annette Bulovic