William ‘Cabbage’ Wilson

William ‘Cabbage’ Wilson (1819 – 1897)         Died of old age    Place of Death: Christchurch Christchurch’s First Mayor. Buried in the Linwood Cemetery, Christchurch The story of William ‘Cabbage’ Wilson: http://www.peelingbackhistory.co.nz/william-barbour-wilson-cabbage-wilson-1819-1897/ Photo taken by Chris Bulovic

Michael Branham Hart (1814- 1878)

Michael Branham Hart (1814 – 1878)       Died of illness      Place of Death: Christchurch Opened the first hotel/pub in Christchurch – The White Hart Hotel.  Also served Christchurch as Mayor. Buried in the Barbadoes Street Cemetery, Christchurch The story of Michael Branham Hart (1814 – 1878): http://www.peelingbackhistory.co.nz/the-hart-family/ Photo taken by Annette Bulovic


Charleston surrounds the intersection of Charles Street and Grafton Crescent in Waltham. Charleston is a rather new name compared to the streets and the suburb it calls home. Born in the 1970’s, a few of the concerned residents watched as the industrial area of the city of Christchurch began to creep into their residential area. …