Sir John Cracroft Wilson (1808 – 1881)

Sir John Cracroft Wilson (1808 – 1881)      Died of old age   Place of Death: Christchurch Behind the naming of the Surburb of Cashmere Buried at St Mary’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Halswell, Christchurch The story of Sir John Cracroft Wilson: Photo taken by Chris Bulovic

Sir John Cracroft Wilson (1808 – 1881)

The story of Sir John Cracroft Wilson and his Kashmir, whoops, Cashmere is very romantic to me as an historian. Cashmere is already such a pretty suburb that this story has just added so many new levels to a lovely part of Christchurch. To think of the original Cashmere Farm snug up against the Port …

Colombo Street Mets The Port Hills

A great photo! Colombo Street with Dyers Pass Road weaving its way up the Port Hills. Sadly the building tucked in behind the round roofed tram stop (I am guessing its a tram stop) was still with us up to this week (02.11.2012). Came as a nasty surprise to me as I drove past it.

Memories of Elizabeth Hawdon nee Barker

Elizabeth Barker was the eldest daughter of Dr. A.C. Baker and his wife Emma. The Barkers arrived in Canterbury aboard the ‘Charlotte Jane’ on the 16th December 1850. Emma was pregnant with Elizabeth during the voyage. The couple already had three boys. Elizabeth was born on the morning of the 15th March 1851 under a …