• Early View Of Pegasus Arms

    Came across this awesome image the other day, taken just east of the Montreal Street Bridge as seen in photo, the photographer most likely standing on Cambridge Terrace, a stone throw from the Antiqua Boat Sheds. The second building from the right is the Pegasus Arms.  As the year is unknown, I am guessing that …

  • Godley On The Move

    John Robert Godley, Canterbury’s Founder was always a man on the go…in more ways than one. The Godley Statue was unveiled on the 8th August 1867, six years after Godley passed away from illness in London.  From 1904, talk of moving the statue began to circulate as a tram shelter was needed.  It wasn’t until …

  • Waltham Road 1977

    Waltham Road looking north.  Note the Catholic Cathedral in the distance. *image courtesy of http://buswatchnz.blogspot.co.nz*

  • Christchurch’s First Puffing Billy

    Do you think they could have fitted anymore people on? Referred to as a ‘Puffing Billy’, pictured here is Christchurch’s first, leaving Cathedral Square and heading to the Addington Railway Station – where the Tower Junction shopping centre is now situated.  This route through the city was opened on the 5th January 1882, though trams …

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