• Henry Phillips (1805 – 1877)

    Henry Phillips (1805 – 1877)         Died of old age     Place of Death: Windwhistle, Canterbury * His land is now known as the suburbs of Phillipstown and St Martins. Story of the Phillipstown and St Martins – http://www.peelingbackhistory.co.nz/phillipstown-st-martins-henry-phillips-1804-1877/ Henry is buried at Rookwood, Windwhistle, Canterbury. Photo courtesy of Hunting Kiwis – http://genealogyjourno.wordpress.com/ – http://genealogyjourno.wordpress.com/rural-cemeteries-of-canterbury-new-zealand/rockwood-station-graves-phillips/

  • Captain McLean (1826 – 1871)

    I have always been very fortunate with my diggings (excuse the pun) around cemeteries when I find a tombstone that seems to offer up a good story.  I enjoy nothing more than putting together the puzzle made from a few clues but this Captain McLean is keeping his secrets buried with him.  I have more …

  • Captain William Charlesworth (1814 – 1875)

    There is something extra special about a man who could hold a subdued conservation with the likes of William Sefton Moorhouse about the Railway coming to Christchurch (with a cigar in hand I’m sure) whereas on the flipside he could also fit in at a local tavern full of the rough and tumbles from the …

  • William Bishop (1829 – 1903)

    William Bishop (1829 – 1903)      Died of old age     Place of Death: Christchurch * With his brothers, set up orchards that are now known as the suburb of Bishopdale. Story of the Bishopdale: http://www.peelingbackhistory.co.nz/bishopdale-the-bishop-brothers-1820s-1900s/ John is buried at St James Anglican Church, Harewood,Christchurch. Photo taken by Annette Bulovic

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