• “…The Moral Tone Of Canterbury…” – Sir James ‘Doc’ Hight

    “It was no idle boast that the moral tone of Canterbury was higher and its public men better educated, more honourable, and public-spirited than those of any other New Zealand settlement at that time”. Sir James ‘Doc’ Hight (1870 – 1958) * Canterbury Historian/Author * History, Political & Science Economy Professor at the Canterbury College …

  • Charlotte Godley Writes Home

    Charlotte Godley, the wife of Canterbury founder John Robert Godley wrote the most delightful letters home to her mother back in England and no one and I mean NO ONE escaped the fury of her pen – good or bad!  I have selected the following extracts from her letters cause she shares about places we …

  • “…what use are blankets, soap, tools…” – Te Rauparaha

    “Of what use are blankets, soap, tools and iron posts, when we are going to war?  What does it matter whether we die cold or warm, clean or dirty, hungry or full?  Give us two-barreled guns, plenty of muskets, lead, powder, cartridges, and cartouch-boxes”. Te Rauparaha – Chief of the Ngati Toa iwi based on the …

  • Edward Gibbon Wakefield – It Is A Blessing

    “It is a blessing that women love needlework; it has the same soothing effect upon their minds that a pipe has upon men’s”. Edward Gibbon Wakefield *The Father of New Zealand – the owner of the New Zealand Company and co-founder of the Canterbury Association* *image courtesy of Join Me In The 1900’s – http://www.1900s.org.uk

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