James Prebble (1799 – 1877)

James Prebbleton (1799 – 1877)     Died of old age           Place of Death: Christchurch Behind the naming of the township of Prebbleton. Buried at All Saints Anglican Curch, Prebbleton, Christchurch The story of James Prebbleton: http://www.peelingbackhistory.co.nz/prebbleton-james-prebble-1799-1877/ Photo taken by Annette Bulovic

PREBBLETON – James Prebble (1799 – 1877)

I’m sure when new born John Aurora Prebble (spelt Prible on some documents) was placed in the arms of his mother Ann, the discomfort and pain of the delivery faded away when she looked for the first time into his wrinkled little face. Maybe the fact that she had given birth aboard the ‘Aurora’ – …