Randolph Theodore Chaney (1850 – 1928)

Here is a great example of why I walk along and read every gravestone I come across.
Found this fellow at St Peter’s Anglican Church in Upper Riccarton and his name made me pause for a moment longer.
Randolph Theodore Chaney was born on 10th September, 1850 at Bay of Biscay aboard the “Randolph” on its way to Lyttelton. The “Randolph” was the second ship to arrive on 16th December, 1850. Empathetic to this poor woman giving birth at sea, I wanted to know more. So here we go – Their ages whilst travelling on “The Randolph”:
William 47 yrs
Sarah 42 yrs
William Jnr 18 yrs
Emma 17 yrs
John 11 yrs
Charlotte and Elizabeth 4 yrs
Joseph 2 yrs
William and Sarah were the oldest on board.
Both Williams went on to help build the Christchurch Cathedral and the Lyttelton Gaol. William Jnr eventually settled with his family at the end of Marshlands Road where the intersection with Spencerville Road is known as Chaney Corner. Brilliant!!!! Love it!!!
*Photos taken by Annette Bulovic*

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  1. Rick says:

    Hi There,

    This is my great great grandfather, and he originally traveled here to be a foreman for the cathedral build but this changed when the build was delayed. a few other fun facts, Chaneys corner was eventually lost in a card game, I think he was involved in chasing down a group of criminals called the blue gum gang which robbed someone here in canterbury and fled to Otago. He also worked on the Lyttleton time ball.

    Cheers Rick

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